Vivid Colors of Nature (Poem)

Here’s a short poem on nature I wrote for my school project, and I thought of posting it here with a few of my favorite nature photos that inspired this poem. Enjoy!

Vivid Colours of Nature

The pond glitters and gleams

With its deep, brilliant blue hue

White as the snow the clouds reflected,

Creating a beautiful panoramic view.

The swans of peace glide gracefully as triples

Leaving the water behind them in ripples

The frangipani trees are lost in extravagant dance

As the humming bird sips the sugary, aromatic nectar.

The fields of flower right beside

Scent the air with their sweet perfume.

A gush of wind sends a vast array

Of red, orange, purple and blue

The brush is the wind,

The palette – the flowers, birds and trees

Together, they slowly paint the world

With the vivid colors of Nature.

SONY DSC                                                    SONY DSC

SONY DSC                                                       SONY DSC

SONY DSC                                                       SONY DSC

*Photos by Lavanya Prakash

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Lavanya Prakash


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