Standing on the beach (Poem)

This poem was inspired by a recent holiday I went on, to Desaru in Malaysia. We spent the weekend in a beach resort and I really enjoyed walking along the beach and wading in the sea. It was so rejuvenating and relaxing. I also have added a video I took of the waves at the beach. Enjoy!


    I stand on the beach-

Cold sea breeze

Salty scent

Roaring waves.

  One minute my feet-

Bare on the sand

In no time they are

Submerged under white frost.

                                      SONY DSC

The water feels cool,

Fresh and new on my feet

Tickling me playfully

As I stand on the beach.

The waves lap against the shore

Sometimes LOUD

Sometimes soft

Losing time

Gaining time.

The sea glitters like sapphire

It’s calling-

Calling to me

With its white foam

And crashing waves

Repeating and retreating.


I watch the waves come and go

Sometimes LOUD

Sometimes soft

Washing the yellow sand away

 Bringing in new shells from a faraway land

The sea is calling-

And I want to go.

 But I sit on the beach-

My finger tingling as I carve letters on the wet sand


“Thank you God for this beach”

 I know these words will be washed away

Once again- submerged under white frost

But forever  in my heart will be etched

These words

The waves

And the call of the sea.

-By Lavanya Prakash 

VIDEO: Sound of the Sea

If you can’t view the video, then please watch it here.


Lavanya Prakash



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