A visit to Greenleaf forest

I’m so excited to share my visit to Greenleaf forest along with a fellow blogger, Tanvi who I wrote about a few posts ago. She guided us around a beautiful nature treasure, I was amazed by the beauty of this forest. My actual camera was under repair so I had to use an old, smaller one. Tanvi kindly allowed me to use her some of her pictures, so I’ve included them as well!

Greenleaf forest is located along Sixth Avenue near the Holland road area. On reaching the forest, the view was AMAZING.



The fresh fragrance of the Tembusu tree (Fragraea fragrans) wavered in the air. Did you know the white flowers of the tree attract moths and other insects because it reflects the moonlight?? I’ve been seeing so many of these trees flowering near where I live!




A little bug on the Tembusu:


Photo by Tanvi

There were so many butterflies in the forest. While we were walking near water, many of them came to puddle on our sweat! This is a Ciliate Blue on my finger.


Photo by Tanvi

A Tailess Line Blue ( I think)  decided to puddle on my mother’s shoe!


Photo by Tanvi

Other butterflies we saw include the Striped Albatross and Pschye:


Photo by Tanvi


Photo by Tanvi

I’ve seen this white moth around Singapore quite often. Do you know the species?


Photo by Tanvi

I always get confused between grasshoppers and crickets. The main difference between the two is that grasshoppers are diurnal and herbivores, while crickets are more nocturnal and are omnivores.  This is a cricket, a nymph of the Conocephalus genus.


Photo by Tanvi

There were these beautiful yellow flowers that were lying on the drain and the forest floor. The flowers are from the Angsana Tree that only bloom for a day, then pour down the next morning, creating carpets of yellow dust on the ground. I see the tree in my school as well, and the yellow flowers fall on top of the parked buses!  It’s a beautiful sight.


One thing the Greenleaf forest is known for, is the huge White-bellied sea eagle’s nest that you can see from a distance. See if you can spot it in this picture! The nest is humongous, its fascinating to see. Can you see the bird in it as well?


Photo by Tanvi

Fungi almost never cease to fascinate me. Especially ones that are colourful, like this dark orange one on a log.


Sadly, this lovely forest may be cut down for development. The people who live nearby have aspecial place in their heart for this forest. I really do hope it does not end up like the Pasir Ris greenbelt. This, along with so many unknown pockets of nature in Singapore need to be preserved, because of the rich biodiversity it attracts.


Tanvi and I exploring…

Thanks so much to Tanvi for introducing and guiding us at Greenleaf and for sharing her pictures with me. Look out for her blog and mine for any other exciting expeditions we will go on!


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