Green Corridor- Rail Mall to Bukit Timah train station

Last weekend, my father and I went through the Green Corridor trail from the Rail Mall to Bukit Timah train station. We spotted so many insects and butterflies and there was a lot to photograph! We entered a little path from a little slope, south of the mall. We verified the trail from a lady who was guiding a group of children nearby as there were no signs.



I was immediately amazed by the beauty of the trail. Tall, majestic trees on either side of the path were drenched in the afternoon sun, and I was lost in the world of nature.


The first thing we spotted was this male Cruiser. Males of this species like to puddle and feed on excrement or dead animals while females prefer to visit flowers and fly at canopy level.



This is an elephant-ear plant, or the Colocasia. It gets its name  from the leaves, which are shaped like a large ear or shield. On looking closer at these leaves I spotted so many insects!



Genosula mundata or the Common Genosula is a subspecies of grasshopper. I saw many of them on the elephant-ear plant!



Take a look at this cute Orange-blue Narrow-necked Leaf beetle (Such a long name, right?) It’s so adorable!


Leaf hoppers are minute insects that suck plant sap from trees, grass or shrubs. This is the Red Leafhopper:


I realised I have never written about flies on my blog or photographed them. They are such beautiful creatures if you look up at them closely! Especially their eyes. Next time a fly comes to feed on your sweat or buzzes around you, look closely at it! This is the most common species we swat away all the time 🙂 It’s the Common Housefly:


Honeybees are just beautiful creatures, and to see them pollinate flowers is even more fascinating. This is a Common asian honeybee during pollination:


Continuing through the path, I could not resist chasing behind some butterflies. It turned out to be worth it because I saw the rare Chocolate Albatross (Appias lyncida vasava)!


Chocolate Albatross

Other butterflies we saw include:


Horsfield’s Baron


Two Common Mormons in flight


Peacock Pansy


Malayan Eggfly 

There were little streams on the trail, where I saw many dragonflies and damselflies.


Scarlet Basker (female)


Slender Blue Skimmer


Spine-tufted Skimmer (Orthetrum chrysis)

A common, yet stunning damselfly, the Ornate Coraltail:


Ornate Coraltail

The only bird I photographed during this walk was this beautiful Black-naped Oriole. I really love the contrast of its black and yellow  feathers and orange beak!


Now for some flora! The trees were flowering and fruiting abundantly, and I saw many rambutans and figs.


Did you know that there are 900 species of figs globally and 48 species native to Singapore? They are really important and interesting fruits in the ecosystem. Before the fig becomes a real fruit, it is actually an inside-out flower. These round things develop on the tree which are not yet fruits but have tiny flowers inside the hollow structure. That’s why we call the fruits fig and say the tree is ‘figging’! Fig trees are pollinated and eaten by such a variety of birds, insects and butterflies and hence play a very important role in the wilderness.


Yellow-stem fig


Inside a fig!

This is another type of fig. It is a creeping/climbing fig called Ficus pumila which is used for landscape and gardening.


Ficus pumila

Nearing the old railway station, we came across some tracks like we did in the beginning of the trail which looked over Dunearn road.


I thought we would not spot anything more and we had come to the end. Then I saw a Tropical Swallowtail moth at a distance. On observing it, I saw that two wings were torn off, probably by a bird…Poor moth!


Tropical Swallowtail moth

With that, we came to the end of the trail and reached the old Bukit Timah Railway Station. I had a great time and I really want to cover the 10.5 km of this green treasure. I do hope its preserved and kept wild like this forever because we need these quiet and wild places in Singapore to sometimes escape from the city life, as well as protect the species that live there.


Go explore Green Corridor on your own! Bring along the handy maps from the Green Corridor Website with you and just follow the trail.

I used this excellent website  by Anthony Quek to identify the bugs/insects in this blogpost.


Lavanya Prakash



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9 thoughts on “Green Corridor- Rail Mall to Bukit Timah train station

  1. Excellent photography Lavanya. Really enjoyed the walk with you. I will definitely do this myself soon.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much! You really should make a trip to this wonderful place. Do let me know what you spot! 🙂 -Lavanya

  2. Lovely article Lavanya! Beyond the vastness of the green space, it is remarkable that you managed to capture the minute details of the little critters that are often hidden from sight!

    Unless one slows down his/her pace of life, one cannot see appreciate these gems of nature. Very often, materialism within our society has also blinded us to these precious space. Yet, as we weigh the need for urban development, such green spaces might inadventently have to go.

    Please continue on your good work. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Micheal! That’s very true. We really need to take the time to stop and notice everything around us in this fast pace of city life, whether its nature or not. Of course, with urban development we do need to clear places but I think wild spaces like these must be given as much importance as National Parks in urban development plans. Thanks a lot again for reading my blog and for your kind comment! 🙂

  3. Fantastic shots! I’m always looking around for the smallest living creatures when I go trekking around Singapore. Recently a friend identified my minute finds as a jumping spider and a shield bug. I’ll be sharing your blog with some students to help show them just how wonderful a walk can be if they train their eyes to see the invisible. Keep up the marvelous work young lady.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words- I’m so happy you enjoy spending time in nature and looking out for wildlife, it’s incredible what there is in this tiny island! It’s just that, as you said, people forget to look and just observe 🙂

  4. Hello! I’m planning to take this Rail Mall to Bukit Timah Station route too. May I know how long you took one way? Was it easy to make your way around? We’re afraid of getting lost inside lol.

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading my blogpost. The trail took a bit more than an hour.. It’s very safe and easy since its just one straight trail. Just follow the path and you’ll end up in Bukit Timah Station from where you can exit. Enjoy your walk and look out for some wildlife too 🙂 -Lavanya

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