Crazy Insect Challenge- Deceiving creatures

Some insects can be very deceiving. In ways that we may never suspect. Some mimic others to seem poisonous and harmful, when they are actually not. Some just look stunning and beautiful to the eye, when they are actually super ninjas, ready to strike at any time. Today, for the Crazy Insect challenge… I present to you, the Blue-striped Nettle Grub caterpillar.


Parasa lepida

The Blue-striped Nettle Grub (Parasa lepida) is a beautiful caterpillar yet a malicious pest endemic to East and South-east Asia. Notice the thorns that they on the side.. those can sting really bad. Caterpillars like this hold contact poison on their thorns that can cause itching and burning. They are pests that infest plants like tea, cocoa, palm and fruit trees. These are all home-growing plants, so keep an eye out for these malicious creatures.

Look out for the next CTI on Tanvi’s blog! She’s just been to Kenya, I can’t wait to see her pictures.


3 thoughts on “Crazy Insect Challenge- Deceiving creatures

    1. Oh my gosh… that’s terrible. Cunning is the word to describe them. They’re really out to get you when you least expect it! 🙂

      1. Not terrible– rather, the blame can only be laid on me for not being cautious. I don’t wear full sleeves because I’m not a huge fan of ‘death by drowning in sweat’ but I’ve learned now to be more careful.

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