Crazy Insect Challenge- Shielded creatures

We always refer to insects as ‘bugs’- while there are really only a group of insects that are true bugs, from the order Hemiptera. They are true bugs because they all have sucking mouthparts.

For this CTI I have a beautiful little bug called the shield bug from the order Pentatomodiea. There are about 700 species in Pentatomoidea and they are also called stink bugs or chust bugs. I’m not very sure of the exact species but here it is:


Shield Bug Pentatomoidea

Shield bugs have glands in their thorax in between their front and back legs that produce a stinky liquid. That is used in defence to deter predators or when they are threatened.


I found this shield bug near this white flower, which I think is jasmine. They use their sucking mouth parts to suck sap from plants though some species do eat insects.


I think they are called ‘shield’ bugs because of their incredible abdomen and well developed, long thorax. Notice this shield bug has intricate patterns on its abdomen with a triangle shape and two dots! It looks like a shield, doesn’t it?


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