Golden Spider

A Golden Web spider (Nephila pilipes) looks as if it is levitating in front of the bright blue sky. Only if one closely observes, they can see the threads of the web, as awe-inspiring as the majestic creature itself, glistening under the rays of the sun.


This is one of the many spiders I saw at Labrador Nature Reserve. Orb weavers, such as this one, are incredible engineers that display a feat almost everyday, spinning a web with sticky spiral silk that catch prey that get trapped suddenly and unknowingly. The Golden Web spider spins a web with yellow tinges, giving it a golden appearance.


A different species in the same family of the Golden Web spider is called the Batik Golden Web Spider (Nephilia antopdiana)I wondered why these spiders were named after Batik, a method of wax-resist dyeing used throughout Asia, especially in Indonesia. You might even own a shirt or a blanket with this intricate, traditional batik design. Batik can be made by drawing dots and lines with a special tool which is kind of stamped on to the cloth.

The Batik Golden web spider’s abdomen, have yellow lines and dots that are as intricate as a Batik design. Perhaps the whole idea for Batik originated from this spider!


These spiders are reminders that much of our human inventions are inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds us.


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