Vote for the National Butterfly of Singapore!

It’s super exciting that Singapore is finally going to decide the National butterfly- and the more exciting thing is that members of the public can vote from the given nominees!


Why vote?

  •  it underlines our recognition and appreciation of the part which butterflies play towards the well-being of our environment.
  • It will serve as a voice too for other lesser-studied by environmentally important insects such as bees and beetles that share the same habitats

The butterfly nominees are (cue dramatic music) the Painted Jezebel, Common Birdwing, Common Rose, Knight, Common Tiger and the Common Tree Nymph. These are a wide variety of butterflies that are found in different habitats from parks and gardens to mangroves and forests. I’ve seen all of these butterflies except for the Common Rose in Singapore, and they are all very worthy of being National butterfly!


I’ve already voted, and if you are keen to as well please visit this website to cast your vote and see the criteria for selection. There are still 40 days left from today for the voting. I can’t wait!


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