Birds in my Backyard- Georgina Chin

I had the pleasure of meeting Georgina Chin last year, when she guided me through Bidadari and Bukit Brown. She is an amazing bird photographer and author. She kindly gifted me her book called “Birds in my Backyard”, about her ‘accidental’ photography journey featuring pictures from her backyard, Bukit Brown.



Even though she claims to be an amateur in photography, her pictures are stunning and while reading her book, the pictures kindled me an interest and love for birds like never before. She emphasizes in the book how we can be so oblivious to the natural world around, as was she until she realized the nature that was right behind her house.


Each of her pictures has a story behind it, and it was so fascinating to read about the rare and beautiful birds that would appear just on her doorstep. Some common ones, like the White-throated Kingfisher regularly visit her that she named him Jim Bob! Now almost every time I see one of these Kingfishers I get reminded of Jim Bob and how fitting that name is for this species. Don’t you think?


Jim Bob himself! Photo by Georgina Chin

Georgina has inspired me a lot, and with the few nature outings we went to together, I learnt a tremendous amount about nature watching and how to be careful, cautious, adventurous and curious all at the same time.

DSC_1610 (1)

Thank you so much Georgina for the book and the guide through Bidadari and Bukit Brown! I loved when you allowed me to sit on top of your car and lookout for birds and wave to people as you drove through the roads of Bukit Brown. I hope we can go on another awesome journey soon.


Fun car ride with Georgina!

Picture credits: Georgina Chin

Do visit her facebook page to see more of her amazing photographs!


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