Intelligence (Poem)


Bright eyes

Skilled strides

Giant leaps

From tree to tree

Wild and carefree!

They stop to caress their young

Inspecting for lice

that they catch on their tongue.

In times of danger

they stay close together

Some may die

but the others that survive

 will mourn the death

of their friends.

Like you and I

they feel.






Can’t you see

in those eyes?

Their intelligence?


6 thoughts on “Intelligence (Poem)

  1. Lovely sentiment. And so true. Intelligence should be about harmony as much as it is about self-preservation.

    It reminded of this video I had seen of a squirrel fighting off crows from scavenging on his dead comrade ❤

  2. Assuming this poem is about monkeys, unfortunately I’ve only ever seen them in zoos. It’s hard to gauge a creature’s intelligence when it’s trapped in a cage. Have you ever been able to watch monkeys in the wild?

    1. Yes, of course! Long-tailed Macaques (the monkey in the photograph) are very common in Singapore- I’ve observed them a lot in the wild. Even in the zoo I’ve seen chimps, orangutans and other apes; their intelligence is astounding if you observe them closely.

  3. Fantastic! I think I’ll have to go back to the zoo now and spend some time watching the primates. You’re lucky that you get to live in an area with wild monkeys, although I’ve heard they can cause trouble.

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