Featured Artist Q&A: Lavanya Prakash

Josh Gross has been a fellow blogger and kind supporter of my blog for many years. He reached out to interview me for a new series on his blog, the Featured Artist series, where he aims to highlight the contributions of non-scientists to environmentalism and conservation. I was so honored to share my story and reflect on my journey so far. I hope it inspires you to raise your voice for any issue that you are passionate about, because we all have the power to make a difference, in our own unique ways. Thank you so much to Josh for featuring me! Do support his blog and check out the rest of his series 🙂

The Jaguar

A mother long-tailed macaque holding her baby.
Long-tailed Macaque. The Featured Artist Gallery contains more information about this photo. Photo © Lavanya Prakash.


I recently announced that I was launching a new Featured Artist series on this blog. I’ll periodically select a new nature-based artist to highlight, publish a Q&A/interview with them, and upload a selection of their work in my new Featured Artist Gallery. The point of this series is to show that there are many ways to contribute to wildlife conservation – including art.

The first featured artist on The Jaguar and Allies is Lavanya Prakash. Lavanya is one of my oldest friends on the blogosphere, and an extraordinary young woman.

At the age of 12, Lavanya “stole” her mother’s camera and began taking pictures of Singapore’s incredible biodiversity. The art of photography awoke a passion for nature in Lavanya, who’s been an advocate for Singapore’s wildlife ever since.

Lavanya launched a…

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3 thoughts on “Featured Artist Q&A: Lavanya Prakash

    1. Thank you for supporting my blog over the years, and raising your voice through your blog and pictures too! It’s truly inspiring 🙂

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