Sneaky Squirrel

I’ve been going a lot to the woods near my home these days, discovering this beautiful backyard of mine. We often go for walks there, but it’s only recently I’ve been noticing the Bee-eaters, Kingfishers, Dollarbirds, Mynas, Starlings, Koels, once even an Ashy Minivet and a Large-tailed Nightjar. Oh, and I forgot to mention. A bunch of squirrels.


The most common native squirrel species in Singapore are the Plantain squirrel (Callosciurus notatu), the one in the picture above, and the Slender squirrel (Sundasciurus tenuis) which is a pain to identify with its confusing squeaks that sound just like a bird’s chirp. The Slender is sneaky enough but equally so is the Plantain. I jump every time these creatures shake the palm trees above my head- only to run down quickly the tree trunk, nibbling on a fruit or nut. But then I fall for those big, brown rodent eyes that stare at me so curiously.


6 thoughts on “Sneaky Squirrel

  1. There are other native squirrel species here too! While the Slender and Plantain are the most common, you can also find the red-bellied squirrel and a bunch of other species in the interior. Supposedly. Great pictures!

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