Moth encounters

Butterflies and moths both belong to the order Lepidoptera, and there are more species of moths than butterflies. Moths are mainly nocturnal and butterflies are diurnal. To be honest, I find butterflies more fascinating, simply because I see them more often! When the sun is shining and I’m out and about (which is a lot of the time, considering I’m a nature-enthusiast with wanderlust) I always see butterflies flapping around bushes and trees, in search for nectar or a spot to rest and sunbathe.

Moths are often thought of as dull, plain looking nocturnal creatures. Quite contrasting to their colorful cousins, butterflies, who are studied in depth due to their more attractive qualities.

I have, however, had some interesting moth encounters that I’d like to share. The Luna Moth that I saw in Taman Negara was jaw-dropping.. I never knew before that moths could be so big! Then of course the beautiful Tropical Swallowtails that had a population explosion last year here in Singapore.


Tropical Swallowtail moth


Luna Moth

Most of the moths I do see are actually at home! They are mainly small, cute little moths like this unidentified one that popped up on the window on a rainy day.


I spotted an interesting moth species called the Triangular-striped moth in Chinese Gardens. It was a simple-looking moth, but I loved the details and pattern.


Day-flying moths are probably mistaken for butterflies a lot, not only because they are active during the day but also because of their bright, tiger-like colors. I recently spotted a pair mating after a little ramble in NUS after I visited the Natural History Museum a few days ago.



Moths can be quite beautiful after all, right? Next time you see one of them flying near the lights in your home at night.. take a little closer look.


8 thoughts on “Moth encounters

  1. Every single one is so lovely! I feel said that I often clumped all moths into one rather nondescript category. They probably don’t get the attention they deserve from many people!

    1. So glad you stopped by my blog! 🙂 Yes, moths are so often ignored.. I’m going to be more appreciative of them now!

    1. Yeah, I miss them too.. I had one come to my home and when it flew away it was almost eaten by a bulbul!

    1. I know right! That was my reaction when I saw it.. I never knew moths could get that big! It was so nice of the resort manager to call our family outside to see it since he knew I was a nature-fanatic. It was a lucky sighting for sure!

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